Brighton Wedding Florist

I’m Emily and I'm a self-confessed flower addict.

I've worked in floristry since I was a teenager thanks to a Saturday job of dreams and I now live & work in Brighton as a wedding & events floral stylist.

Whilst I love new & unique styles, I'm also crazy about the way existing cinematography & pop culture can influence the styling of an event. I have therefore officially promoted Wes Anderson to a God-like status and regularly find myself referring back to his work to explain ideas or colour combinations. I'm also heavily influenced by the absorbing & nostalgic hues of the 60s & 70s and often find them creeping into my work.

If you have an exciting vision for your day and would like me to help you bring it to reality then I can't wait to start discussing it with you. Fill out the contact form here & we'll begin!

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